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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Application Form is available online by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can email our Clerk for a copy of the form clerk@ouseleytrust.org.uk

  • Our closing dates for receipt of completed applications are 28 February and 30 June each year.

  • No, the Trust no longer gives grants for the restoration of organs.

  • We have a comprehensive set of Procedures and Guidelines to help you when completing your application.  Please click here for full details.  We would encourage you to read these before starting your application.

  • The Trust’s object is to promote and maintain a high standard of choral service in the Church of England, the Church in Wales, and the Church of Ireland.  This includes support for the education of pupils attending any school where the choral liturgy is sung within one of these three denominations.  We do not therefore, give general bursaries towards school fees, even if your child is musical.  We would only give assistance towards school fees for a chorister in line with our objective above.

  • Applications in support of school fees for a specific chorister must be submitted by the cathedral or choir school.  We would therefore suggest you discuss a potential application with the Cathedral’s Master of Music or School Bursar in the first instance.

  • Although the cathedral or choir school is required to submit applications on behalf of specific choristers, parents/guardians are also required to complete and submit a detailed Financial Declaration Form available by clicking here.  This has to be submitted at the same time as the application itself.

  • We only give grants in England, Wales and Ireland.

  • No, we only make grants supporting choral services in the Church of England, Church in Wales and Church of Ireland.

  • Apart from grants towards school fees, all applicants are required to submit a short report 12 months after award of their grant.  Details of this will be included in the Award Letter. It is important that you diarise this and submit your report in a timely fashion.

  • Please do contact our Clerk for an informal conversation prior to applying. He will be pleased to help with any questions clerk@ouseleytrust.org.uk

  • Trustees normally only consider further applications after two years of the original grant.