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Welcome to the Ouseley Church Music Trust.  Founded in 1989, our aim is to promote high standards in choral worship in the Church of England, Church of Wales, and Church of Ireland.  Our website details what we fund, how to apply and how we operate.

To give you a better idea of the work which we support, we have selected three case studies of grants recently awarded. We invite you to scroll down to see these.

£3.6 Million


A grant from the Ouseley Church Music Trust assisted Portsmouth Cathedral to run “Cathedral Sing” aimed at developing choral singing in schools and introducing Years 3 and 4 to singing with the Cathedral choir.  Cathedral Sing sprang from the government’s “Sing Up” programme and actively recruits young people into the cathedral and local church choirs.  The programme has worked with approximately twelve hundred children from thirty local schools over two years.  Vocal training was provided, and children were invited to sing in the cathedral with the cathedral choir.

Portsmouth Cathedral – “Cathedral Sing” copyright Portsmouth Cathedral

Portsmouth Cathedral – “Cathedral Sing” copyright Portsmouth Cathedral


Grants awarded in 2021


Salisbury Cathedral Girl Choristers – photograph Ash Mills copyright Salisbury Cathedral

In 2021, we awarded two grants to individual choristers at Salisbury Cathedral School to provide bursaries to support school fees. The boy and girl choristers at Salisbury each sing seven services a week.



In 2020 an award of £3,600 was made to St Leonard’s Church Streatham to fund the costs of three choral scholars each for a period of two years.  The vision for music at St Leonard’s was for the adult choir to be strengthened by the new scholars in both quantity and quality.  It was envisaged that the scholars would also play a part in training the choristers; aimed at children who do not come from families who would otherwise be able to afford tuition in choral music at the highest possible level.

With support from the Ouseley Church Music Trust, the vision has been realised with a vibrant flourishing choir at St Leonards, with the three scholars leading a “Changing Voices” section in the chorister programme and assisting with the Royal School of Church Music’s “Voice for Life” programme.


St Leonard’s Streatham Choir – copyright St Leonard’s Church Streatham

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